Revision and Repair of Galvanik-Rectiformers

E.g. replacement of thyristor controllers, transformers, rectifying bridges, oil treatment or oil replacement, varnishing of the tank or tank replacement etc.

Revision, Repair and Modernisation of Test Equipment

Not only agea-kull test equipment can be repaired and revised, but systems and components of other manufactures as well – as long as our facilities are capable for.

Even after decades of service, the power part of many test systems is still in good condition. By an extensive modernisation of the control and measuring circuits these systems can be updated to a todays state of the art test set. Many additional years of service are the result and expensive acquisitions of new units can be avoided.

Re-wiring of Transformers and Reactors

For different kinds of windings (high voltage, high current, foil winding, wire winding) five different machines are present. We are able to manufacture windings up to 500kg weight and max. 1100mm layer length.

Assembly Works

Two assembly shops with 25 x 10m resp. 15 x 10m ground floor space including 12t resp. 2t crane with 5m lifting height can be used for assembly works.

Development on Order and Construction of Prototypes

Equipment or components which are not part of the standard manufacturing range of agea-kull will be developed, designed, built and tested on order.


If required, we are pleased to support our customers with our knowledge and experience. For example we can assist you during the implementation of high voltage test laboratories and measuring booths or at the designing of a high current system.

On-Site Commissioning and Repair

If possible, repair works on test equipment or rectiformers are done on site. We are willing to react as fast as possible, to keep the breakdown time short.

Usually installation and commissioning of new-built agea-kull equipment are done by the customers themselves. But of course we are able to provide on-site commissioning and training, if requested.